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ELTC - Every Little Thing Counts

We believe in the awe-inspiring, creative and monumental power of the human collective to make considered, positive change. We created ELTC.earth as a platform to help people realise their full potential and live lives of meaning and impact. 
Worrying about climate change can be emotionally draining. It can even result in feelings of anxiety, dread, or depression in some people.

Populations of people inspired and enabled to improve the quality of life on earth

ELTC.earth addresses those feelings, enabling people to move beyond them to a more enriched life where they can play their part, whatever that is, to improve the quality of life on our planet.

We believe that enhancing personal wellness while also participating in climate advocacy is the key to personal emotional resilience.

People gathered together
Our Secret Sauce

Holistic, Altruistic Behaviour

Emphasising personal wellness activities while also participating in climate change solutions is the key to personal emotional resilience and community fellowship.


Emotional Wellbeing

Undertake solo or accompanied mindful activities

Climate Confidence

Be part of the wave of change

Personal Resilience

Achieve results through personal & community resilience

The 3 Ps - People, Planet, Profit

ELTC.earth is a commercial enterprise with an impact mission: to first enable individuals to make meaningful changes in their lives, and then support others on the same journey. We accomplish this through the use of a set of tools that not only enlighten, empower, and enable individuals, but also promote and amplify the value of all of the products, services, and other resources available as alternatives to change.

For us, achieving true sustainability means having a balance between environmental, societal and economic sustainability, therefore we incorporate people, planet and profit over infinite growth and profit alone.

It’s a relatively simple paradigm: Business and life in harmony. We must conserve, protect, plan for the future. We can’t continue to look the other way and hope that the problem gets fixed.

Impactful Commercial Enterprise

3 Ps, People, Planet and Profit to foster an ecosystem of life and business in harmony

Stronger Together!

Populations of people inspired and enabled to improve the quality of life on earth

Our Mission

To create communities of emotionally resilient people who overcome the barriers to change

Our Culture

Trust is core to everything we do. We demonstrate the utmost integrity in business dealings, with our team and with our community

We have the courage to be creative and novel in everything we do. We will identify and create the best ways to harness people’s brilliance and compassion.

Diversity fuels innovation and exemplifies social equality, both of which inspire and enable people to reach their true potential

While we must be reactive to challenges and opportunities as they arise, we strive to remain grounded in our desire to generate large-scale, long-term impacts.

Demonstrating empathy is at the heart of a team and a community focused on making the planet a better place to live.

Meet The Team

Damien Mulligan

Co-founder & CEO
I’m a father of two bright, creative and inquisitive kids who are filled with awe and wonder at the world. I didn’t have an answer for them when they asked me why are we not doing things differently? Why don’t people change?
AntoniaButler take 2.2

Antonia Butler

Co-founder & COO
I'd love to leave a legacy, I want to be part of the solution my generation unwittingly helped to create. Just seeing a wave of people who are able to turn their anxiety into resilience and turn that resilience into positive action on climate would be amazing!

Tyler Reed

Co-founder and CTO
I'm driven by a passion for discovering innovative ways to help myself and others change for the better. It's difficult, it's fun and it's critically important right now

Chaithra Jayanth

UI/UX Design Intern
I am a curious soul and an avid learner. Being an anxious person myself, I feel connected to the cause 'ELTC.Earth' is addressing and I see this as an opportunity to turn eco-anxiety to eco-action