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Step 1

Assess Your Impact

The first step to curating a sustainability pathway is to understand your current impact.

A carbon footprint calculator enables you to assess your impact.  By examining your lifestyle and habits it can provide insight into what are your most and least damaging activities, with the intention to guide you towards taking action to changing them.

Step 2

Identify Actions

The second step on your journey is to make a plan to take meaningful action.

Armed with the knowledge of where your most significant impacts are, identify actions you can take to mitigate your impact. Choose from numerous categories of actions relevant to your lifestyle to enable you to follow through on your plan.

Step 3

Validate Your Choices

This third step is an optional one.  If you wish to validate your choices you are free to examine the resources that were used to accumulate and assess the impact of actions proposed.

All resources on ELTC.earth are backed up by scientific research, peer reviewed white papers and other reputable sources that can be used to confirm the value of your chosen actions.

Assess Your Impact

What's A Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint is a measure of the impact of our life and lifestyle on global warming.

A carbon footprint calculator is a tool to allow you to assess your carbon footprint. It provides insight into where to focus your efforts.

ELTC.earth Insights calculator is in development. In the meantime, use this free carbon footprint calculator made available by carbonfootprint.com to give you a great overview of your current footprint.